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I should of known today was too good, and we had a nice visit from another Blow Fish. This one was in a Subway station trying to sell knock off designer bags. They're starting to stoop down a little bit too low. I went at this one alone, and I figured there was no need to bring the team into it.

It went down well. The police commissioner got the counterfeit goods to deal with them, and we're slowly getting a better working relationship going. I'm starting to give up on retconning these people, and I don't think most will really care to begin with. At least, we won't have people go psychotic.

Oooh, we had a little movie night. Alisa, Ianto and me...Please no more 80's movies with crappy montages!

I just wish Ianto would of joined in the orgy. I still had a good time, and Alisa admitted to me it was fun. I've been working on getting main wrist strap feature working again, Martha's been able to pull a few strings for me. =8O I got a response, and she'll show up!

As for her, no response yet. I'll try calling her in the morning. :(
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And, here's another attempt to find somewhere that I can consider home. I think both Ianto and Alisa are going to be surprised to see me try my hand at this. Again.

Alisa told me Tosh will be joining us too, and I'm excited about this. I like the house, and I get a roof terrace in my room. I'll be making use of that. Ianto! We'll have to have some sexy fun there! Hehe, Alisa you too.

The housewarming she's throwing is going to be interesting, I'll get to meet myself. And, then there will be John..

I'm breathing that sigh of relief, after the events in the Bronx with the occupants of that other house. Alisa I don't think realized that she wasn't in good condition when she got back to the Hub. I'm really glad that I was revived when I was, and we might of lost her. I managed to get her stable until we got back to the Hub, but I kept thinking of the chance we could of lost one of our own that night.

We managed to get her to hang out in the Hub to recover, and she's off duty until we get her arm in working condition. Next time, we're going to need to use weevil clamps to keep her IN her bed. >:)
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You Should Dress Up As a Bear

You are a cuddly, warm person who is eager to give out hugs to anyone who wants them.

You are a very touchy person. In fact, you tend to overwhelm people with your affection sometimes.

While you are very sweet and caring, people should never underestimate you. If you're toyed with or taken advantage of, watch out!

You have an immense amount of power and strength. And given your fierce temper, you wouldn't hesitate to crush someone if he or she deserved it.

Ianto might have something to say.

Alisa, got play off tickets for the Yankees. She only managed two, and nobody seemed really interested. I'll go with her, and it should be fun. I just hope it's not like the cricket game, that Gwen and Ianto insisted to take me too.
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Your 1920's Name is: Madison Royce

You're the Bee's Knees

Madison Royce? No thanks.

It was nice, I took Alisa and Owen out for this hunt. I needed the local knowledge, so Alisa was a good help. We found ugly in an area called Highbridge, we got him back to the Hub without any problem.

The Nexus, was lets say interesting. I met up with a version of John, and one that well is going straight. Completely clean, and well this may give me hope for our wandering John.


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