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I tried to contact Alice again, but she still wants very little to do with me. I would like to make, for some relationship with her and my grandson Steven, but she's not interested.

She never was interested, and I told her before if wanted me to visit her every week or every day, that I would. I might ask the Nexus for some advice, but I'm almost afraid it's too late.

I'll call her again, and I'll continue either she'll give in or we can find some grounds. I would like to have her with Steven spend time here, at least until he needs to return to school. Ianto's okay with this, and Alisa has no problems either. There's still plenty of room in this old house.

Gwen, Alisa and Ianto, talked me into waiting a few days before we inform the families of the deceased. This way, at least maybe it won't be too hard. I intend to retcon them still, and I'll be having Gwen help me with this one.

Good ol'UNIT, they surprised us the other day with quite a feast. One fat turkey, with everything else to go with it. :p
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Well, we're going to doing this Karaoke night at this little 'normal' Cardiff Club. Gwen can't make it, due to commtiments with Rhys, and I'm going to respect that. A head count of who'll join me, Ianto, Owen, Tosh and Alisa will be showing up.

I also dropped a few hints to Ianto, about my own personal life and managed to get it out in the open over a bit of personal time. Ianto knows that I go on forever, and he speaks about the being just a speck of many. I think he understood, my position with Lucia, Alice and Steven.

Ianto's words. "I wasn't a speck in my fathers eye yet."

So, I think things went rather well. We had a bit of a nice intimate session, but Alisa never mentioned her kid brother was going to be erm moving in. It's his fault for ruining my time with Ianto, just kidding really, but the poor kid made a quick run for the streets.

The frigid twenty-first century! He did come back, and I apologized with a bottle of water. Sorry Alisa, I rectonned your brother! He's okay, and I think the basement bed room will be great for him.

And, finally Alice, well the irony is I did contact her, but well she simply told me, 'No, that she wants to keep things as they are.' I was hoping to improve things between us, but her mother put that fear into her.

In some light, I envy that 21st century Jack. He's a lucky man, and at least he has a relationship with his own child.

Alisa's home, and she's getting ready for this Nexus trip. ;) I think, I'll go steal a peak. She looks great, and I scared her to death with a Harkness brand hug. Oh, lets not forget a big old snog!

Still John, I can picture you as an 80's musician. :p


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