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Jack Harkness

WANTED FOR: Riding the rails in the nude

REWARD: Revenge

I gathered the team back, everyone was able to get most of their stuff back inside. We're reverting back to Cardiff, so the Rift is fixing something that shouldn't be. This is good, but at least this multiverse lets us travel to different locations.

Alisa's house, I had it purchased as part of a Torchwood facility, we never know if this will happen again. I liked the place, it had a nice history to it. I had some snotty blond in my office. John do you want it?

Riding the rails naked?! Sign me up!

ooc: The NYC verse is being merged over into the Cardiff TW !verse. It'll be easier on me that way. I can still wiggle Jack or other cast members in other areas.
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You claimed sex toys as a business expense on your tax forms

Sex toys as a tax write off? Ianto's your getting this right? :D

Today it was busy. Three weevils in a warehouse in Newark. I gave Alisa the day off. She really deserved it, so I made sure she stayed home or at least just hung out in the Hub.

I spoke with Alisa the other night. She was a little unraveled about that mess in the subway. This is a first for her, and I know we all have those missions where we find hard to swallow. I don't blame her! Being chased alone by a murderous Dalek, it's a scary thing, and I admitted to her I was scared too. :| She did come, and spent the day in the Hub. I had to pry her away from her paperwork.

Hehe, running with her on my back to get lunch was fun. Poor Alisa, was in just a sweat shirt and a pair of shorts. I forgot the 21st century is picky with hygiene, so we had to eat outside. :p

I'm going to have to take the one Dalek casing away from Owen, he's having WAAAAAAY too much fun. I still like his idea, a remote control booze fridge! :D

I like this little icon, Alisa made. She accidentally took a picture of my foot, it's pretty neat.
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I liked this quiz. ;) For once, I had one that's completely honest. Now for sex on the beach with another Ianto. :D
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