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TARDIS Type: 40
Color: Navy Blue

Jack's TARDIS came to be through rp last summer and I decided to keep her around. She was a gift from The Doctor [ profile] stetsons_r_cool to him once he learned Jack was to be a father. The coral came from his desk (salvaged) and she was taken to be aged and eventually she was carved and given life by The Doctor's TARDIS.

She has a working chameleon circuit and she tends to take shape of something to better fit the environment she's in: tool sheds, newsstands, trees, etc. Jack uses her as a mobile HUB and the console room resembles the inside of the old Cardiff HUB. The hallways have the same old Victorian feel of the old Cardiff HUB straight down to the medical suite and the vaults.

The TARDIS contains access to the Torchwood network, she has a fully functional Library though its not nearly as complete as The Doctors. There's a lot of information on alien life from the old Torchwood Archives and from Jack's own experience. Jack and The Doctor are looking to make this Library complete.

She has different types of rooms from master bed rooms, bathrooms, a swimming pool, a pub, recreation room, various types of gardens, laboratories, secured armories with weapons Jack was able to salvage from the Cardiff HUB, secured archives, art galleries, living rooms, garages, medical suites and more storage than Jack can dream of.
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