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Jack is standing in front of the giant red stiletto, with all of the team except for Gwen waiting for John to join them. “We'll go once, John arrives. He's still a bit more familiar with this entire Nexus thing, so he'll get us in.” Jack holds his hands up to get the attention of the chattering bunch, his eyes seem to fix on his team.

“The entire idea, is for us to have fun as a team, and hopefully we won't,” Jack smirks playfully, and he leans against the red stiletto. “Get thrown out, like some other places we tend to, but then again this isn't work.”

“I still don't believe we're letting him join us,” Ianto sighs, as he fixes his suit up, and while this is standard fare for him, it's likely overkill for a nightclub. “Still, me a DJ in another life? At least you're there for him,” Ianto smirks, as he looks everyone over. “I'm still not going to sing.”

“Who John?” Tosh asks, with a quick fix of her purple knee-high dress. She's not completely thrilled of making an ass out of herself in public, but the team nights never were without their fun. “I mean he was pretty cute, but the head-butt was hard to forget.”

“Um, yeah him,” Ianto lets out a sigh, as he remembers the first time they met. “He'll get us thrown out you know.”

“Let's not forget getting shot!” Owen adds with a frown, and he looks at the red stiletto. “I wonder if she kept herself free. I bet it was a damn jungle up there,” Owen goes to seat himself down, between Alisa and Tosh, and he places his arms on their shoulder's. “We outta call this a date night too, you two,” Owen nods his head to Jack and Ianto. “With me escorting these two fine ladies to this club.”

“Here's another to join the, don't make me sing club,” Owen agrees with Ianto, and this is still a rare thing to see here. “Alright, maybe a dance with one of these two, or if I can get her interested the alternate Tosh.”

Alisa's raises an eyebrow at Owen. “Don Harper?” Alisa pats Owen's arm, with a smirk. “I'll make an ass out of myself tonight, and yes we'll dance.” Alisa glances at the white short-cut dress she's got on, she's got a nice tan from her vacation, a little tasteful bling and slung over her shoulder is a bag with a big box of cigars and a bottle of bootleg rum.

“There we go, we can share,” Jack winks at the idea of dancing. “I've got no problems sharing Ianto with you Owen.”
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That was interesting. Very interesting, nice idea there Joan.

I was surprised to see Alisa join in the fun, and well when there's two of me? Who could blame her!

Joan? I'd like to meet my other female half one day. ;) Maybe I'll invite her to the housewarming, hey I live there too now!

I had fun meeting Alisa's relatives with Ianto, and it still amazes me at what people think of the Americas in the United Kingdom. That they're wealthy or at least middle class, money wise that's a far cry from the truth.

But for what they lack in money, they're still an amazingly rich group of people. I got to swap war stories. Alisa told them, I was with the British fighting in Iraq. One of her uncles didn't seem convinced though.

The same went for Ianto. It's nice to meet new people, and it's even nicer to see such a lively group. Though the little old woman, who was trying to get me to dance with her was amusing. Ianto got to learn a different coffee making technique, and believe me the food was good. Alisa, I really owe you for this one.

Alisa had to translate for us, and I'm glad she had enough energy to have sexy fun times with the rest of us. Alisa, you're an amazing person. I'm very glad, about the people I hired.
Each and everyone of you are amazing.

I managed to also have a walk alone, in the neighborhood that they lived in. The history here is amazing. These old buildings unfortunately are not withstanding time, but the stories they can tell.

Ianto and me got to talk! He's not mad at me for what happened anymore! 8)He managed to get my room fixed up at Alisa's. He's already moved in. Tosh and Owen will be there too!

I just wish Ianto would of joined us. =( He went to go take care of some Weevils we saw earlier.

Speaking of Weevils, they've been sighted in Central Park. They lost a couple joggers, so we'll be working tonight.
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Your 1920's Name is: Madison Royce

You're the Bee's Knees

Madison Royce? No thanks.

It was nice, I took Alisa and Owen out for this hunt. I needed the local knowledge, so Alisa was a good help. We found ugly in an area called Highbridge, we got him back to the Hub without any problem.

The Nexus, was lets say interesting. I met up with a version of John, and one that well is going straight. Completely clean, and well this may give me hope for our wandering John.


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