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Jack returns to the nexus to ask some questions.
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Okay, the flight was delayed for two hours thanks to bad weather, but we made it there. It was a quiet flight, Alisa took a nap on me. 'I'm soft and fluffy' she said. :O) She's happy I did wear my coat, as the plane was a little on the cold side.

They get very excited when the plane lands here. Everyone was cheering, but thank goodness this was first class. I'm now looking around Old San Juan, and there's a pretty neat fort there.

We've got a hotel room, and we'll be driving off to Alisa's town and then off to Rincon. John, they have this really tasty thing called shaved ice. Oh! There's bars on the beaches and gorgeous people here! Alisa, told me they think I'm silly for wearing a heavy coat in a tropical climate.

We left the Pit Bull with Owen, so you're safe John. ;)
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It's going to be cold here again! I'm very glad about Alisa's offer to stay in her house, or I would of froze to death in my bed. That's not a good thought.

I found another Toshiko! Tosh, you're popular in that multiverse. :) It's a fun one too, lots of gorgeous people. Just well, there's more gorgeous women than men. That's not completely bad.

Alisa asked me about a dog in the Hub. I don't think it's a bad idea.

Weevil numbers are good, the cold has them hibernating except for that one her and TARDIS Jack found.

I think, I think, I'll go swim in a hotel pool. Naked. ;p John? Ianto?

Owen told me about someone who showed up in the Hub asking for me. Martha showed up too on him, and so did another Tosh. That's what Owen gets. :)
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I was going to promise, but eeeh I found a kid of Gwen's working in the Hub. He sorta just ended up there. This new Multiverse is strange. I'm going to have to becareful.

He's staying in a Care Room until, he can find his way back to his universe. I'm going to have to figure out what to do with him.

I invited the alternate Tosh to stay, she seemed happy with the idea. The kury here is okay. Ianto made me sleep on the couch.

John, I ice skated with a blonde lastnight. There's definitely lots of blondes in this one.:p
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It's been a nice day in the Hub, I managed to get a tree inside of it at the last minute. Ianto protested it being messy, but we never had one in here before.

Everyone, Rhys and Andy, included spent the night in the Hub. We wanted to make sure there was no more life changing events. We're still here in New York, so I suppose it's a plus. We exchanged gifts, and it was fun.

I had fun at 21st century Jack's club again. Okay, Johns you win! I think you impressed or confused the crowd enough! :D Alisa you were fantastic!

Thanks for the gifts you guys, and really nobody had to bother. I'm happy to have my family here with me.

I still need that spanking! :D
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Or try to end, I gave the team the night off tonight, so Gwen's can spend time with Rhys for the holiday.

I'll be going to see Alisa, sing in this little band of John's, and I'll go a lone. She can sing, I'm surprised at this , okay I saw her with the Karaoke night. I think she'll be fantastic tonight.

Alisa? I'm getting Jack envy! A Jack with a TARDIS? I should steal this one. ;)

I met a nice woman, Angela Montengro at the other multiverse. She had mistletoe, she was lonely and I couldn't resist! She didn't either. ;)
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Aw! This is great! Gwen and Tosh spoke me into decorating the Hub for the holidays, and seeing the world has a habit of ending we're going to celebrate here inside the Hub. We'll have work to do, per the norm, and while I would rather give those guys off, that tradition of the world ending makes it impossible.

The snow we got, it's amazing and there's that festiveness in the air. The people don't seem too upset about it, and we had a bit of fun outside. The look on Owen's face when Gwen, Tosh and Alisa stuffed handfuls down his shirt and pants was priceless. Of course they just had to pelt me with the stuff! Ianto we had to coax into it, but once he did we managed a girls on guys thing. Poor Owen. Poor Owen. But the saying goes 'bros first', I had to put a stop to that one! Hehe, I think Tosh and Alisa are plotting their revenge against me! :D

The party at 21st century Jack's was nice, I liked the charity event. So I went with Alisa early this morning to her neighborhood. She took me inside of her home for the first time, it was interesting and nice inside. She told me, she was giving some of her pay while in Cardiff to help fix the house up and pay the mortgage off. Her father seemed like a good man, she picked up a few items of his, mostly old military documents and somethings that didn't get stolen.

But, the eye opener was the large council building across the street. There were kids outside without a coat on. Alisa explained they might of just arrived here from her country, or simply there's no money. It was more along the lines as no money, as the kids have been here long enough to have obtained the proper clothing. I was a little heartbroken, and the saint that I am. I made an offer to buy these guys something, and a little something for the holidays. I surprised Alisa with my acts here, and really I'm a good guy deep down inside there. The kids were happy to get their new coats, and couple little gifts. Heh, that American football it's pretty big gift down here. I might bring the team back here on Christmas day, and we'll do something good that doesn't involve the world ending.

Well the Weevils are hibernating, and I'm going to enjoy the tour my alternate got. How did you get her on ice skates?! I even let her drive the SUV, and she's not thrilled about the idea. ;) We'll be meeting Ianto and Owen at the subway, so we can go down there that way.

I'm thinking of a Christmas Party in the Hub. Anyone interested? My Hub or maybe Alisa's house.
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Alright, something has these guys upset. They've become increasingly more active, and I've got my team working hard.

I'm hoping to have a bit of a break, but that might not happen anytime soon. :(

Alisa had fun with me during the weekend, and I would of updated this sooner but I was simply swamped with work. We all were, but thankfully nobody got hurt.

John's got his band together? I'm not sure, that I want to see this one. I might take Ianto out somewhere nice that weekend. If the time permits, maybe I'll take Alisa out this weekend.

I'll catch everyone later, Weevil Hunting in a cemetery in broad daylight with Owen and Alisa!
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The housewarming it was nice, to meet with some old and make some new friends. I was hoping to see John's Ianto, but I can understand my reasoning to keep them from the Nexus.

Alisa well she went off with John's Jack, for a tour of New York and she got in touch with me telling me about these towers. I hope that I get to go up there one day, and maybe one day during the week, I'll do something special for her. A just a me and her type thing.

I worry about her, she's got a lot to manage and I hope she makes for some fun times. I heard something, about ice skating. :) I'll have to try that with Ianto.

We've got some Rift activity to look into, so I'm sure it will be nothing more than Weevils stirring up trouble.
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We're going to end up being snowed in by the end of the holiday season. Alisa's imagination got us a city wide LOL.

At least the Weevils don't seem to like it, so we're getting to dig about people's collections for alien tech. We're getting quite a haul, and most don't know what it is.

A lot of it is junk, but we still can't keep it on the streets.

We finally caught the subway Weevil, he made it up to the surface in Brooklyn. City Line was the name of the area, from what Alisa told me. There was one civilian injured, but Owen was able to take care of it. This was not from the Weevil, but one young man who got caught up in a shooting. We normally don't take care of these things, and normally we didn't bother with these things, until now.

Things on our end are no worse for wear. Just a lot of cold bodies.
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Rift Activity: Mild

I'm back in my regular clothes, Tosh thinks I look better this way. The same went for Gwen, Ianto and Alisa. I don't think Owen really cares.

Okay, we're working together on these changes to the old doctrine of Torchwood's files. They're dated, very dated late 19th century, so we'll be working until the morning to get these done. This is of course with distractions from the Rift, I got Owen and Alisa out on the field today.

Tosh and me are working on my wrist strap, I think we have it. I'll do a test run later, by myself. Tosh a bartender, she's too much of a genius for that. I'd easier see her in DJ Ianto's place, ugh I really am starting to dislike that Ianto, than sitting in a bar.

John, I talked with the team, you're not my John who's yet to reform himself, so we might make some amends here. Get back to me on, how we want to go about abducting DJ Ianto, lets say the Hub Nightclub. I'll bring the hypervodka.

Feeling up for a Jack Harkness sandwich?

Alisa didn't want fun times with me and Ianto last night, he looked adorable with that hard hat on! I'm corrupting them both. >:)
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Okay they won, they got me in a normal set of modern clothing. They're not too bad, but I still prefer my vintage look.

Tosh told me, this isn't really me, but they might have their purpose down the line. I've been sitting up here, on the roof of Alisa's house. Nice little setup, and it's somewhat my style.

I've been giving things thought, and I've been speaking with UNIT along with others about the safety of Torchwood. This just isn't for others, but for the staff working here as well. I've met with two alternate Jack's so far, one who's got a brilliant job owning a nightclub and another who's without Tosh and Owen.

As for that Ianto, I miiiiiiight need to have a talk with him. A nice room at the Vaults? Janet's been sorta lonely. ;)

There's been lots of close calls, with everyone here, and I've spoken about allowing us to become less of a secret anymore. It's impossible to deal with a global rift, in hiding and if the world's at risk, then it's time to open up our doors. I took my place as leader after Alex's suicide, to make a change, so it's time to stop living in the dark.

Torchwood's not shutting down, we're going to begin taking different steps here. Gwen, spoke to me when I came back, about the things we could do on a humanitarian level. She pointed to some of Owen's research, some medical tools we use -- Owen's favorite, Deep Tissue Scanner, could help save countless lives when it comes to medical or even security. She told me, when I first hired her, that this was collected to help 'arm' humanity for when things change. I'm putting my collective foot in my mouth right now, and yes I told her this. Torchwood's still a far cry from what it was, people who were taken from the Rift no longer dwell in the vaults only to be neglected, now are given proper care.

Then there's the issue, of non-threatening alien life. Alisa and Tosh bought up the old doctrine, of isolation. We do have non-threatening aliens with us, many living and working among the human race. I'm going to have to work with those two on an asylum system, one that's better than looking them up and throwing the key away.

I'll be talking with some members of UNIT about this, and seeing there's no hiding the fact 'they're not alone' anymore thanks to many recent events .. about these improvements. The British Crown, the economic situation and various other elements are going to push for a different Torchwood. Gwen and Ianto, went to talk to the victims families, we still felt best to keep them from the truth for now.

So yes, John I maybe looking for more members to join us..
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I tried to contact Alice again, but she still wants very little to do with me. I would like to make, for some relationship with her and my grandson Steven, but she's not interested.

She never was interested, and I told her before if wanted me to visit her every week or every day, that I would. I might ask the Nexus for some advice, but I'm almost afraid it's too late.

I'll call her again, and I'll continue either she'll give in or we can find some grounds. I would like to have her with Steven spend time here, at least until he needs to return to school. Ianto's okay with this, and Alisa has no problems either. There's still plenty of room in this old house.

Gwen, Alisa and Ianto, talked me into waiting a few days before we inform the families of the deceased. This way, at least maybe it won't be too hard. I intend to retcon them still, and I'll be having Gwen help me with this one.

Good ol'UNIT, they surprised us the other day with quite a feast. One fat turkey, with everything else to go with it. :p
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I just finished helping get rid of a water hag, we had reports of a few men gone missing in the Long Beach Area.

I'm glad we got there in time, because Alisa was pulled under, and Tosh had went for an unexpected swim. There were ten reported deaths, as the water hags grow their babies in the throats of men.

I had to go under, to go after it to prevent any more people from dying, and to make sure we don't have another resurgence of its young. I did die unfortunately, but what matters most is it's gone.

Alisa and Tosh are okay, but a little cold from their swim. This is Thanksgiving, Torchwood style, so as they fatten themselves up and get drunk, we're saving the world from greater threats. Unfortunately, we did have civilian causalities in the end.

Well, Ianto and me have work to do concerning the ten that were lost, and we may try to re-coop this holiday here.
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I'm finally, well not 'old looking', my hair's back and so is my memory. Really funny, it was sorta cute wandering around there. Note to self: Beware of LOLZ.

John, you were a cute kid. :o)

My 21st century self, okay not too bad. The Nightclub's a nice place, so we might make the occasional regular stop there. I might pop over to Cardiff, alien free Cardiff to take in the city.

And, I got a great phone call! The President wants to meet with us, this one is sexy, but I need to behave myself. There's no room for sexual scandals these days, and Ianto keeps insisting on the wife and kids means hands off.

We'll be going before Christmas, formal affair to DC. And, we'll be getting time to tour the city, and a nice hotel. From what I've heard, there's alien problems there too, but the United States Government has it covered. The Men in Black?

Tosh and Alisa, they're trying to talk me into wearing modern clothing one day. We'll see, we'll see.

Gwen called, and she's bummed that she missed the fun. She's going to pop into the Nexus, to ask for baby advice. :)
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Jack is standing in front of the giant red stiletto, with all of the team except for Gwen waiting for John to join them. “We'll go once, John arrives. He's still a bit more familiar with this entire Nexus thing, so he'll get us in.” Jack holds his hands up to get the attention of the chattering bunch, his eyes seem to fix on his team.

“The entire idea, is for us to have fun as a team, and hopefully we won't,” Jack smirks playfully, and he leans against the red stiletto. “Get thrown out, like some other places we tend to, but then again this isn't work.”

“I still don't believe we're letting him join us,” Ianto sighs, as he fixes his suit up, and while this is standard fare for him, it's likely overkill for a nightclub. “Still, me a DJ in another life? At least you're there for him,” Ianto smirks, as he looks everyone over. “I'm still not going to sing.”

“Who John?” Tosh asks, with a quick fix of her purple knee-high dress. She's not completely thrilled of making an ass out of herself in public, but the team nights never were without their fun. “I mean he was pretty cute, but the head-butt was hard to forget.”

“Um, yeah him,” Ianto lets out a sigh, as he remembers the first time they met. “He'll get us thrown out you know.”

“Let's not forget getting shot!” Owen adds with a frown, and he looks at the red stiletto. “I wonder if she kept herself free. I bet it was a damn jungle up there,” Owen goes to seat himself down, between Alisa and Tosh, and he places his arms on their shoulder's. “We outta call this a date night too, you two,” Owen nods his head to Jack and Ianto. “With me escorting these two fine ladies to this club.”

“Here's another to join the, don't make me sing club,” Owen agrees with Ianto, and this is still a rare thing to see here. “Alright, maybe a dance with one of these two, or if I can get her interested the alternate Tosh.”

Alisa's raises an eyebrow at Owen. “Don Harper?” Alisa pats Owen's arm, with a smirk. “I'll make an ass out of myself tonight, and yes we'll dance.” Alisa glances at the white short-cut dress she's got on, she's got a nice tan from her vacation, a little tasteful bling and slung over her shoulder is a bag with a big box of cigars and a bottle of bootleg rum.

“There we go, we can share,” Jack winks at the idea of dancing. “I've got no problems sharing Ianto with you Owen.”
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Well, we're going to doing this Karaoke night at this little 'normal' Cardiff Club. Gwen can't make it, due to commtiments with Rhys, and I'm going to respect that. A head count of who'll join me, Ianto, Owen, Tosh and Alisa will be showing up.

I also dropped a few hints to Ianto, about my own personal life and managed to get it out in the open over a bit of personal time. Ianto knows that I go on forever, and he speaks about the being just a speck of many. I think he understood, my position with Lucia, Alice and Steven.

Ianto's words. "I wasn't a speck in my fathers eye yet."

So, I think things went rather well. We had a bit of a nice intimate session, but Alisa never mentioned her kid brother was going to be erm moving in. It's his fault for ruining my time with Ianto, just kidding really, but the poor kid made a quick run for the streets.

The frigid twenty-first century! He did come back, and I apologized with a bottle of water. Sorry Alisa, I rectonned your brother! He's okay, and I think the basement bed room will be great for him.

And, finally Alice, well the irony is I did contact her, but well she simply told me, 'No, that she wants to keep things as they are.' I was hoping to improve things between us, but her mother put that fear into her.

In some light, I envy that 21st century Jack. He's a lucky man, and at least he has a relationship with his own child.

Alisa's home, and she's getting ready for this Nexus trip. ;) I think, I'll go steal a peak. She looks great, and I scared her to death with a Harkness brand hug. Oh, lets not forget a big old snog!

Still John, I can picture you as an 80's musician. :p
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Cue the startled spluttering. "Whoa whoa WHOA! Pause an' rewind a nano here! A robot sits on a chair next ta ya, an' ya jump straight ta sex?" Eyetwitch. "First of all, ew. No, wait. Lemme rephrase dat... Ewwwwww. Gross. 'Umans are disgustin', I can't say dat enough, apparently. No offense, man, but seriously. Ew."

"Second of all," here the rat smirks, tapping a panel on his side and pulling out a cord. This is promptly waved in Jack's face. "Unless ya got a port I cin jack sommat like dis inna," he eyes the human quickly, then adds, "which I doubt, we ain't doin' nothin'. I ain't built fer dat sorta thing, an' I feel sorry fer any poor bot who is. Cuz really, gross. Eww. I cin barely stand my own squishy parts."

My charm is still legendary.
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I should of known today was too good, and we had a nice visit from another Blow Fish. This one was in a Subway station trying to sell knock off designer bags. They're starting to stoop down a little bit too low. I went at this one alone, and I figured there was no need to bring the team into it.

It went down well. The police commissioner got the counterfeit goods to deal with them, and we're slowly getting a better working relationship going. I'm starting to give up on retconning these people, and I don't think most will really care to begin with. At least, we won't have people go psychotic.

Oooh, we had a little movie night. Alisa, Ianto and me...Please no more 80's movies with crappy montages!

I just wish Ianto would of joined in the orgy. I still had a good time, and Alisa admitted to me it was fun. I've been working on getting main wrist strap feature working again, Martha's been able to pull a few strings for me. =8O I got a response, and she'll show up!

As for her, no response yet. I'll try calling her in the morning. :(
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It's quiet here today in New York. There's not a Weevil in sight, after we took care of the one who took out those joggers in Central Park. I managed a quick conference with UNIT, and I invited Martha to join me here. I told her about the Nexus and the party at John's, she found it a bit unbelievable. I asked her about The Doctor, and there hasn't been many sightings of him in Britain lately.

I think, I'll invite her to this housewarming party. I might have to invite him too.

And, with the quietness of the day, I gave everyone the day off. I've been walking all over this city, at least between the Hub and Alisa's house. I'm growing attached to this city, but still Cardiff has been my home for over a hundred years. I'm a little well ... home sick.

The history that's in the American Northeast, the influence on human culture is impressive. I did manage to stop by to listen to listen to a street performer, a saxophonist. He was playing inside of Central Park, near the statue of Duke Ellington. Now John and Alisa, really 80's music? Rap music? I did manage to find some old records in that storage room, and lots of them are worth listening too.

I thought about flying them up here for the holidays, but I don't know if she'd be interested. Our relationship isn't exactly the greatest. I still may see if she's interested. Ianto doesn't know about them, and in fact nobody does except for me. The events with Alisa's family, well not intermediate family well...:/

And, one good thing for the record! Gwen's expecting! :D And, I was the first to find out, oooooh boy Rhys won't be happy to know this. I'm slowly getting Gwen over to the dark side. >:}
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