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Jack pokes his head over Rose's shoulder while she pokes at a Rift Monitor.
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Scotland of course makes Jack think of his old friends, John and David. It's not just a country based on sheep and golf.
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Rose is discovering something's not right with the stars.
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The Doctor, Jack, Alisa and Rose are set to try to help the Ghost Master, they have taken a trip to the year 11 @. They have arrived in Glasgow to see if they can find this starving Master. Jack goes outside to enjoy the weather and to see if he can find anything new.
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Jack had rented out a portion of Central Park at the Turtle Pond, it's a pleasant summer's night with a catering service providing picnic style foods for those who are coming to visit. They even sprung for a bouncy castle for those with children or the young heart, the sounds of a concert being played near by provide music for the evening and there's plenty of beverages there to be had. There also has to be one big birthday cake in the center of it all.

Jack's dressed in his standard clothing, with doubles being far and few between he's standing there in his RAF Greatcoat, dark blue shirt and gray pants with his boots. He's going to have some reputation for making use of the warm weather in the Americas. He's got a wide smile on his face, as he gets ready to greet people at the gift table for a fun night in Central Park again.

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