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I know this wasn't my Ianto, he just got back in from an accidental trip to Washington D.C. It's the Rift's fault, but I ran into another Ianto lastnight.

He said a few things, and what he said they hurt. :( That everyone who's meant something to me is just a blip in time. :| I had my Ianto and Alisa, try to get me out of my mood, but eeeh he might be right. I know my, much older alternate didn't forget Ianto or the team. I don't know, there's things that are different between us two.

I love my team, I love Alisa and I still love Ianto. The difference is, that I've sometimes considered an attempt at a family again. I envy hearing about Ianto's sister, Gwen's talk about her baby, Alisa's mad family life, Tosh's mother and now Owen with this baby he found to raise with an alternate Toshiko. Ianto simply can't provide me with my own legacy, sure we could manage something with Torchwood's technology, but it's not the same. I miss seeing Alice, for what I saw over her growing up, it lit up my world the same with Steven, until Alice wanted to stop explaining me. :(

I just want someone who can simply accept me, for me. Alisa's very close to that, and I don't want to scare her off with that family idea. This relationship, it's still very new. She suggested, maybe I would find another immortal. I don't know, and she said maybe new isn't bad, forever, in my sense is a long time to be with someone.

She told me lastnight, she likes me for well me, the and good looks don't matter. She'll never really be open about how she joined us. :p I was one of maybe two other friends she made when she first encountered Torchwood, besides well Gwen and maybe Owen.

On a lighter note, I tried Naked Time in the Hub. There was much fun to be had! :D Thanks to two new friends Shawn and Tuck. John, you missed out on it. I'm going to have Naked Day on the Hub, and make it weekly! I met an alternate Gwen too! :D

And, I've been offered a job, a delusional immortal needs to be contained. I'm going to offer the Senator, my personal services for this one.

And, we're functioning in New York again! There's still that problem with the tourist entrance, but that's okay.
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A portal opens up on the other end, it leaves both Jack and Gwen in their chairs at a closed for season roof top bar. It over looks the Hudson River, Jack just sits there with a slack-jawed grin on his face.

"It's more fun to do this when there's people here," Jack laughs out loud, and he stands from his chair. He opens up the wrist strap, and he goes to put on the music. He cringes, as it ends up as 80's pop. He goes to find something else,
Frank Sinatra . "He's a bit of a New York staple."
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I met a Gwen in the multiverse, poor Gwen lost her Jack. This one ran off from her, and she didn't seem to happy about it. I was there to give a little bit of New Years Jack, and I met a lot of nice people there.

It's nice, I made a lot of new friends there. I met someone who is semi-immortal, a woman named Claire.

I snogged a Ianto, it wasn't my Ianto, but still finding a Ianto to love is great.

I've wandered off to one of the hotel pools here, and damn I found myself staring at a gorgeous French Princess.

Alisa's starting to feel a bit better, mmm I think Emmy's right. We are a bit of a couple, and she invited me to her place for dinner.


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