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I was inspired today, I met someone who did a Bring a Monkey to Work Day. We need a sort of day for the Hub, so I will invent, Naked Day! :D

I've been extremely busy, lately we're pretty much back in Cardiff, but there's still New York that inhabits part of the garage. Owen and Tosh, well they've adopted a kid. :D Great to see those two together! The kid, I'm not sure about that one. I think they'll be fine with him.

You are a Seductive Dancer!
Look out! You are the hottest thing on the dance floor. No one can resist your charms and you’ve perfected your dancing as a means of scoring. Everybody knows that if you are a good dancer, you’ll probably bring your rhythm to the bedroom which is a huge turn on for your admirers.

Seductive dancer? I think, that is just about right. :p
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You claimed sex toys as a business expense on your tax forms

Sex toys as a tax write off? Ianto's your getting this right? :D

Today it was busy. Three weevils in a warehouse in Newark. I gave Alisa the day off. She really deserved it, so I made sure she stayed home or at least just hung out in the Hub.

I spoke with Alisa the other night. She was a little unraveled about that mess in the subway. This is a first for her, and I know we all have those missions where we find hard to swallow. I don't blame her! Being chased alone by a murderous Dalek, it's a scary thing, and I admitted to her I was scared too. :| She did come, and spent the day in the Hub. I had to pry her away from her paperwork.

Hehe, running with her on my back to get lunch was fun. Poor Alisa, was in just a sweat shirt and a pair of shorts. I forgot the 21st century is picky with hygiene, so we had to eat outside. :p

I'm going to have to take the one Dalek casing away from Owen, he's having WAAAAAAY too much fun. I still like his idea, a remote control booze fridge! :D

I like this little icon, Alisa made. She accidentally took a picture of my foot, it's pretty neat.
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Jack pulls the SUV up to a parking spot, he glances up at the train tracks above them and then the little pizza place. "I'm sorry, they're not the greatest places. My friend told me to avoid the bars and Chinese food here."

Jack steps out, and he goes to open the door for Kyra. "It's just closer to the lot I use. You live here?"

"My girlfriend, she used to live near by," He laughs. "It sounds strange to say that word again."
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I found a kid outside of a police station, I'm a little pissed about this one. Nobody noticed the smell of an infected wound, lets not forget the temperatures that are hovering around freezing.

The kid's name is Frankie, about the age of my grandson Steven. I don't know what to do with kids, but this is complete shit. I might give the NYPD a VERY hard time next time.

I might also pay his mother a visit.

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I spent time in the Upper East Side, The Doctor, I'm finding it hard to understand what he's trying to say here.

Drowning over a Doctor.
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I met a Gwen in the multiverse, poor Gwen lost her Jack. This one ran off from her, and she didn't seem to happy about it. I was there to give a little bit of New Years Jack, and I met a lot of nice people there.

It's nice, I made a lot of new friends there. I met someone who is semi-immortal, a woman named Claire.

I snogged a Ianto, it wasn't my Ianto, but still finding a Ianto to love is great.

I've wandered off to one of the hotel pools here, and damn I found myself staring at a gorgeous French Princess.

Alisa's starting to feel a bit better, mmm I think Emmy's right. We are a bit of a couple, and she invited me to her place for dinner.
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If Ed accepted, the trip will take them across another universe and time. Jack made sure to set the save features on the Vortex Manipulator! The two arrive just outside, of the Plass that now sits in New York, during the early 21st century. There's no meteors, the moon is still there and ow...the trip wasn't fun..Jack's doubled over, as he tries to catch his breath. "Told you, it's rough."
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It's going to be cold here again! I'm very glad about Alisa's offer to stay in her house, or I would of froze to death in my bed. That's not a good thought.

I found another Toshiko! Tosh, you're popular in that multiverse. :) It's a fun one too, lots of gorgeous people. Just well, there's more gorgeous women than men. That's not completely bad.

Alisa asked me about a dog in the Hub. I don't think it's a bad idea.

Weevil numbers are good, the cold has them hibernating except for that one her and TARDIS Jack found.

I think, I think, I'll go swim in a hotel pool. Naked. ;p John? Ianto?

Owen told me about someone who showed up in the Hub asking for me. Martha showed up too on him, and so did another Tosh. That's what Owen gets. :)
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I was going to promise, but eeeh I found a kid of Gwen's working in the Hub. He sorta just ended up there. This new Multiverse is strange. I'm going to have to becareful.

He's staying in a Care Room until, he can find his way back to his universe. I'm going to have to figure out what to do with him.

I invited the alternate Tosh to stay, she seemed happy with the idea. The kury here is okay. Ianto made me sleep on the couch.

John, I ice skated with a blonde lastnight. There's definitely lots of blondes in this one.:p
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Or try to end, I gave the team the night off tonight, so Gwen's can spend time with Rhys for the holiday.

I'll be going to see Alisa, sing in this little band of John's, and I'll go a lone. She can sing, I'm surprised at this , okay I saw her with the Karaoke night. I think she'll be fantastic tonight.

Alisa? I'm getting Jack envy! A Jack with a TARDIS? I should steal this one. ;)

I met a nice woman, Angela Montengro at the other multiverse. She had mistletoe, she was lonely and I couldn't resist! She didn't either. ;)