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CHARACTERS - We welcome characters from all different fandoms and OCs into the game. We also take duplicates of the same character into the game. Due to the nature of the comm we prefer that people are of age when they join. The only difference is for those who wish to have their muses join with Torchwood where characters must be at least 18 to join with the organization.

ACTIVITY - Fractured Rifts has no activity requirements, however we ask that you remain as active as you can to keep the game moving along. You are welcome to play as many characters as you wish and can handle keeping active. However, we ask that you avoid overwhelming yourselves or taking on muses you cannot effectively play. Please be respectful and mindful of this request when you enable your verse mates.

RESPECT - If you can’t give it, you won’t get it. If you can’t give it, don’t bother joining the game. No one will want to play with you and you’ll have to quit or be removed for breaking the rules. This also goes for people who do not exactly break rules, but make the atmosphere uncomfortable for others. This includes harassment, constant sniping at other players, derailing others plots, and purposely stirring the pot. If we find out that you are doing these things, you will be given a warning and if it continues you will be asked to leave. This also goes for behavior outside of the comm/verse to other players not involved. If you are becoming a known troublemaker on the forms we play on (SWS, SSWS, Memebells) we may have no other choice but to remove you due to how it reflects on the community as a whole. The moderator staff will also willingly work with the moderator teams of these communities to help continue keeping a friendly atmosphere.

SIXWORDSTORIES/TWITTER/TUMBLR/AIM/EMAIL/WHATEVER - Players are free to play out verse events on these and other location if it's easier for them. However, if you want the activity played there to be verse canon, you MUST post a log or summary of activity so you verse mates know. If you do not, events you play off LJ will NOT be considered verse canon.

We are also not part of any other 'verse' out there on SWS. We are our own little verse. We would like it if people respect this rule. It makes things more confusing and complicated than they should be. This doesn't mean we can't play with people outside of the verse, but don't drag them along if they don't want to. If they want to play with us, ask the player if they would like to join.

DO NOT GODMOD! If your muses' actions though RP or Fic will in any way effect another’s muse, discuss that with them first! Do not use another’s muse in your fics without first allowing the mun final OK of your fic before publication. Communication is key here.

PLAY WITH OTHERS! It’s a game, that’s what it’s here for. We encourage you to get your muses out and meet new muses. That’s how great RP relationships start; all the characters have to do is meet. We’re not saying you have to have your muses be BFF with everyone, but get outside that immediate comfort zone and live a little. It’s FUN!

VIOLENT, ADULT & TRIGGER CONTENT - This should be tagged as such and placed under an LJ cut. Plots that feature heavy use of trigger content should be discussed with the verse on the OOC comm before you play them. This game will be dealing with issues that may not be suitable for some players, and please give people a chance to opt-out of something they aren't comfortable in playing.

PLAYER ISSUES - We’d all get along and there would be no drama and conflict in a perfect world. This however, is not a perfect world so these things can and will happen. In the event of conflict, please work with each other to resolve the situation. If that doesn’t work, contact a Moderator for assistance, but we do encourage everyone to work it out amongst themselves first, because if you ask the mods to step in, we will do what is best for the good of the verse. What we say will be the final decision on the matter.

MOD COMMUNICATION - The moderators reserve the right to share communications that concern the community with their fellow mods. The mod team is just that: a team; they need all of the available facts and information possible to vote on a solution to a conflict. When speaking with your moderators, bear in mind this when communicating with them. Of course, if you request a moderator not share your communications with their fellow mods, we will honor it, but this could greatly hinder the mod team’s ability to render a well informed decision.

Should you need clarification of any rule, ask. If you’d like a propose a rule, please contact one of the mods. Failure to adhere to these rule will result in at minumium you being asked to take a hiatus and at maximum removal form the comm.
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