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Fractured Rifts is a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, survival panfandom game based out of the Doctor Who universe. The events in the game are taking place in a after present day version of 'The Dalek Invasion of Earth' that plunged the surviving two thirds of the population into another Dark Age. The planet would be ripe for a secondary invasion that would soon follow, and the Earth now relies on a ragtag team of heroes to fight save the day.

This ragtag team of heroes is held together by hope, despite their world being shattered, loved ones lost, and living a life on the constant run; has hopes to keep the Earth safe for future generations to come. It has became their responsibility to begin to help rebuild The Earth or to see the survivors off to the stars. For now they have settled in a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania, called Promised Land Lakes.

The game follows in the footsteps of various post-invasion concepts such as, Falling Skies, War of the Worlds, Walking Dead, and other events that would take place on a broken Earth. This allows for darker elements on the Earth to be explored, from xenophobia, questions of morality, and loss.


Fractured Rifts welcomes all different characters from various television shows, movies, books, animated, video games, comics, original characters, AUS, duplicates, and other concepts. What your character can contribute to the game is left entirely up to you. A character that was selling cell phones one day, can help lead a team of fighters. Your imagination is only limited to you.

Your character will find themselves snatched up by The Rift, and dumped somewhere outside of the town or close to where everyone is located at. They have various options offered to them, and while the game itself is set in a post-apocalyptic setting there is a variety of settings offered to them. There is the militia, the civilian life, a local university, and a children's home to start out with. As time goes on, there maybe some slice of life offerings that would fit with the ever evolving setting.

The game play offers a chance for people's characters to shape the world for better or worse. There is no saying what will happen in a year from now, we could be in the same place, we could be out there traveling the stars, or finding ourselves in a new city. And, with the game set in the Doctor Who universe there will be chances for us to of course explore time and space.

DISCLAIMER: Fractured Rifts will be dealing with some situations that may not be suitable for everyone. Due to the adult nature of some of them we require players to be at least 18.


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