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Please answer all of the following:

Character Name: The character's name/name they go by

Fandom: The fandom the character is from.

About your character: Please include a link to an exchange your character has had like in [ profile] dear_mun, [ profile] sixwordstories, [ profile] dear_multiverse or other similar comm. (if you haven't posted to comms, personal journals are acceptable, as long as mods can read the RP.) If you cannot provide us with one of these please provide a 200-300 third person sample.

If your character is an AU please explain what makes them an AU. An AU is a character that still retains the traits of the parent canon characters with what deviates them from their original canon source but not so much that they wind up OOC.

Also, please provide your character's Point of Entry into the game. (For Example: Donna's entry into the game is taken from after Left Turn.)

For OCS:

Background/History: This For OCS but canon muses can do this also, but it's not required of them. If you are applying for an OC please include as detailed a background as possible about your character. There is no word limit here but the more there is the better, also it's the quality of the background and not the size that counts but try to shoot for 400 words at the least.

If the OC has any special powers or abilities include them here and explain what they are or do. Do they have any special items? Also make sure to include information about how they obtained these items in the character's background.

Character Journal: A link to the character journal

Age: (Operator/Mun's age)

Disclaimers: (Because sometimes it does need saying.) Because we wish to have quality players that will fit in well with our game, your application may be rejected on the basis of the quality of application you submit to us. (This includes the RP sample you submit.)

Character Name:
Time Zone:
About Your Character:
Character Journal: [ profile] screenname

Application credit to [ profile] tardis_trap
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