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Fractured Rifts
A Torchwood Panfandom Game

It has been close to two years since the 456 left Earth. With the destruction of the HUB and the closure of the Cardiff Rift, there was no longer a need for Torchwood to exist. Only those who are working to remove any known trace of its existence would be aware of its presence.

We would all be proven wrong when a far more powerful Rift would open itself up in Los Angeles.

This time it would fracture causing for events to take place all over the world. The Rift was always unpredictable, and this new Rift would prove to be a new challenge. This is a challenge that would prove to be just what Torchwood is trained to face. It now brings people from across time and space to strand them here and it has become Torchwood's job to look after them. But, with new friends there's always room for new enemies to come through the Rift to be a threat to the Earth and the universe at large.

Fractured RP is set in an AU Torchwood universe. We allow for many different fandoms that work within the setting from House to Heroes.

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